Thursday, October 23, 2008

Environment chp 2

For chapter two, the medical deck, I was the deck lead. My responsibilities were to work with the designers in creating a paper map then blockworld, splitting the map up into stream sets and identifying key areas to be divided between 2 other artist.  I worked on the ER wing that lead to the boss fight in the Morgue. My main tasks after pre production were modeling the environments and creating textures for some of the rooms. Maya and Photoshop were the main programs used.

Environment chp 3

Chapter three was the first deck in production. I created models and textures for the environment and worked closely with two other artist to realize the deck.


My responsibility was to redesign the tram that was in the game. I created a high res model of the outside of the vehicle in Maya and transferred the normal maps to the low res model, then worked on models and textures for the interior. A damaged version was also created.


This is the first thing I worked on when I started Dead Space over 2 years ago. I modeled and textured the flamethrower based on concept art by Chi. It's my favorite weapon in the game, burn baby, burn!


Here you can view wireframes from some of the environments I modeled. These screens are screen captures from Maya.